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About the author

So a little bit of me ... I have a successful weight loss story that has managed to lose 110 pounds of body weight in a year. And I have the privilege of maintaining my weight for 12 years. The only reason I can maintain my weight and enjoy good health is a healthy lifestyle, based on proper exercise, proper diet and adequate rest. Being overweight since childhood and birth with adipose genes, weight loss stories and maintaining my weight are perfect examples of how a normal man can lose weight and become healthy by following a healthy lifestyle: exercise, diet and rest.

I applied what I learned with my clients and I enjoyed seeing their progress and improvement just as I enjoyed seeing my own progress. This passion took me to my place today. My goal is to share what I know to educate and motivate as many people as possible.

I hope my books help educate and motivate you all. And I wish you the best to achieve your health and fitness goals!