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About the author

Storyteller. Healer. Sheena reads the Tarot, teaches horse riding, and sings and writes songs for her pagan band - Morrigans Path.
She is the author of The Magic of Nature Oracle - a spiritual guidance tool - and the 3 book Madness and Magic banana in wacky Witch Lit.
She is currently writing Book 4 in the Witch Lit series, a collection of short stories for each song on the latest Morrigans Path album - Beyond the Veil - and filming interviews with all kinds of creatives in her Treehouse at the bottom of her garden. See Sheena's YouTube channel...
Mostly she divides her time between the Treehouse (office and reading room) and a 7th century Saxon chapel on the beach, just a dog walk away. Inspiration for her writing comes from the magic of these two special places...and when she is not writing or performing, she can be found cooking all day breakfasts for two teenage sons at the Cundy Cafe or Spaniel herding out out on the Land.