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About the author

I live just outside of DC with my fantastic hubby, my two cuddlemuffin kids who keep getting bigger no matter how much I tell them to stop, and a ton of orchids. I have a problem, I think. I just love green stuff! They so pretty!

I'm a stay at home mom who excells at balancing spoons on my nose, coloring with crayons, making guacamole and singing loudly and with great gusto in the shower, but quite terrible at paperwork, laundry or useful-type things. Sanity rang when I found myself ten-pounds (okay twenty) overweight and crying because my husband wasn't excited about the four course meal I'd made for dinner on a Tuesday. Sad. Just sad.

I needed something more, so I indulged in a lifelong love-affair with romance novles. I sat down one day and wrote the silliest, filthiest, sexiest, craziest adventures with the hardest, meanest, hottest men I could dream up. Did I mention filthy?

And then I did it again, and again, and again. There was a brief stint with Ellora's Cave that made me take a queue from Amy Winehouse and say no, no, no! And now, here I am! Writing.