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About the author

When he’s not standing around in the wind, P.R. Williamson loves writing about himself in the third person. He also lives in Japan and wears matching socks. Although he has never knowingly seen a yokai, he suspects that some of them now ride motorbikes. Japanese period dramas float his boat, with favourites including the Taiga Dramas: Dokuganryu Masamune (1987, starring a very young Ken Watanabe!), Gunshi Kanbe (2014, featuring the excellent Yosuke Eguchi), and Sanada Maru (2016). On a more fantastical note, he likes Zatoichi (2003, starring Takeshi Kitano), Goemon (2009, starring Yosuke Eguchi), and the Ruroni Kenshin Trilogy (2012-2014) (starring Takeru Sato and the ever-present Yosuke Eguchi).