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About the author

Elaine Dodge writes novels and short stories and revels in it! Writing is as exciting to her as white-water rafting, and as satisfying as gooey, dark chocolate cake. If wishes were horses, as the saying goes, she would abandon writing copy for her client's online needs and focus on creating new worlds and characters for her books.

While she enjoys all genres and is still adventuring her way through most of them (except erotic or erotica), she has begun an historical/romance/family saga - 'The Harcourts'. Although she is still debating whether to call it,
'The Harcourt's of Canada' or not! The series began with 'Harcourt's Mountain'. The novel won the NY Literary Magazine's Best Story Award and was nominated for the RONE Award. The sequel, 'Heart of the Mountain' is about to be launched.

Aside from this series, Elaine Dodge's third novel, 'The Device Hunter', a steampunk thriller, is in edit and will also be launched very soon. Her anthology of short stories, 'XLP#304' is now in edit and cover design.

'XLP#304' is a selection of stories in all genres including time-travel, science-fiction, humour - both dark and otherwise, and horror. Her short stories have won places in the South African Horrorfest anthologies for a three years in a row, the quarter and semi finals in the Screencraft Cinematic Short Story Competition two years in a row as well as the Commonwealth Short Story Competition.

Elaine Dodge has a long list of books she is champing at the bit to write!