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About the author

Ian Cadena is a native Texan that craves cold weather and a lush colored Autumn with a cool breeze!

He should have figured it out sooner that he desired to be a writer when he was writing out story-lines for his action figures and creating his own campaigns and backstories for his friends while playing Dungeons & Dragons.

He holds a degree in Theater & Writing and works on his novels and nefariously plots from his secret lair.

He is a Reiki Master and enthralled with all things mystic and paranormal. He possesses numerous tarot decks and has had at least one out-of-body experience... maybe two. He has been fascinated by cryptids, magick, and the paranormal since he was a kid and it is this fascination that fuels his writing.

When not traveling outside of his body or crafting new stories, he’s brewing up some eats or drinks in his cauldron (kitchen).