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About the author

Linn Tesli is an author of fantastical stories, for people of all ages. As a previous freelance journalist, she's also written both magazine articles, movie reviews, and feature stories.
As a child, reading stories was how she made her days brighter, and she hopes to return the favour by providing the same escape for others through her own writing

She is hard of hearing, which means she can hear, but needs hearing aids. Working amongst other things as an author, translator and a layout-designer was the perfect fit. In addition to being a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a writer, Tesli is a dreamer. She's also an overachiever, and a klutz. However, she takes her writing very seriously, and began at an early age. She also loves to draw (but was never really that good at it. Don't tell her).

Her mind is always spinning, creating webs of new ideas, however quirky or surreal. But like the mad hatter said, "All the best people are mad".