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About the author

Back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Meredith was in elementary school, they discovered two things: a passionate dislike of sportsball and a love of stories. The first led to the second when it was decided Meredith should be made to sit indoors during P.E. and miss out on the sportsball they had so passionately declared ‘sucked’ and made to write “just anything, it doesn’t matter” (Thanks, Teacher Lady.) So Meredith did. And it was so much better than sportsball.

Meredith likes to write about spooky stuff and sexy stuff, and sometimes the spooky stuff doing sexy stuff.

Meredith has been previously published by Drollerie Press, Torquerie Press, and Byzantium E-zine under the nomme de plume Meredith Holmes, and by Improbable Press as Meredith Spies in the A Murmuring of Bees anthology.