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About the author

You’re probably wondering why we call ourselves DNA Brothers. There’s two reasons:

1.) We share the same DNA. Yep, you guessed it, we’re identical twins.
2.) Our names are Daniel and Austin (AKA D n’ A)

For the last seven years, we’ve been writing stories together. I (Daniel AKA Twin D) write the words on the pages while my brother (Austin AKA Twin A) generates new ideas and proofreads. It might sound difficult to write together, but when you’ve been roommates your whole life, and womb mates before that, teamwork becomes second nature.

To save you the trouble from asking the questions most people have for us, I’ve compiled them below.
Which one is smarter? – I am.
Who is the evil one? – I am.
How can we tell you guys apart? ­– Get to know us, and it becomes obvious.
Have you ever switched places? ­– Places? No. But every Friday the Thirteenth we’ll switch bodies.
Do you guys feel each other’s pain? – Of course. Like all twins, we’re telepathically connected by an invisible wire. Service does get choppy from time to time if we’re too far apart, but we’re considering switching telepathic providers.
You guys are so similar, do you guys do anything differently? – This question is ridiculous and I will not recognize it with an answer.