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About the author

Reality: Romance and More…

Tara Neale is a homemaker and indie writer, living her very own ‘happily ever after’ in beautiful, sunny Swansea, Wales with her partner and neurodivergent teen daughter. She struggles to maintain a balance between the demands of family, writing, and activism. Most mornings, she can be found typing away on her laptop with a cup of hot, black coffee nearby and hopefully her kitty Little Miss Fluffy Paws does not turn it over on the laptop.

Tara’s fiction characters are REAL, not size zero 20-somethings or billionaire playboys. They are complex, facing REAL life problems like grief, mental health, and body issues. Her stories are as dark and twisted as life itself, but always with a happy ending, whether for now or ever after. One beta reader said that she felt as if she were experiencing PTSD alongside Tara's Sergeant Mike.a

She also tries her hand at non-fiction around her -isms such as autism/neurodivergence, environmentalism, feminism, and Transcendentalism. Applying the same core ethos of personal responsibility to those issues as she does with her fiction.

In her previous 'lives' Tara has been a stay-at-home mom, a fundraiser for charities, a bank teller, a waitress, a personal trainer, a preacher's wife, and even a stripper. It is from this plethora of experiences that she draws her strong characters and deep storylines.