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About the author

Real life, hot sex, deep meaning…

Raquel Graffen is the nom de plume used by writer Tara Neale for her racier literary erotica. Raquel is the no-holds-barred author of a broad range of fiction, from novels to short stories.

Her characters are REAL, not size zero 20-somethings or billionaire playboys. Even her millionaires, Marines, shapeshifters, and SEALs bear scars: seen and unseen. And those are just the beginning of their complex, REAL life problems like grief, mental health, and body issues. Her stories are as dark and twisted as life itself, but always with a happy ending, whether for now or ever after.

Her writing style is best described as Jane Austen's free indirect discourse meets Fifty Shades, getting deep inside the minds and motivations of her characters. Even with her hotter than HOT sex scenes, this is not your typical erotica. But for those readers wanting 'more', few authors deliver on that like Raquel's literary erotica.

Raquel writes in a wide array of genres and is a perfect sexy chameleon, able to bring you hot content no matter where she lays down her pen. From sweet romance to deep and dark BDSM, Raquel does it all, and with swagger and style. Be it military/war, sci-fi, suspense, historical, romance or erotica, Raquel's recipe is simple...

Mix REAL life challenges with equal parts love, laughter, and tears then top liberally with lots of hot sex.
It's a pretty good recipe for fiction...and life.

After a lifetime of trials, tribulations, and struggles, Raquel is living the dream. Not only is she a writer, but also a 1950's style homemaker, caring for her partner and daughter. Her day is long, beginning before dawn with writing under the watchful eye of their cat, Little Miss Fluffy Paws. The rest of the day is filled with cooking, cleaning, sewing, and a myriad of other Madonna tasks about which she blogs. Evenings once again find her at the computer handling the business side of things and stays in touch with readers via Twitter. The day ends as it began…in the arms of her dream man. Theirs is the one story that if she did write, no one would actually believe because it is simply too good to be true.