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About the author

Amanda Brown is a business consultant and founder of the Homepreneur Community. She writes a blog and broadcasts The Homepreneur Show podcast where she interviews people who work from home and shares her advice and inspiration.

Amanda has worked from her home office for the past twenty years and specialises in helping small businesses with strategy, particularly in online communications. She combines her knowledge of digital marketing with the financial skills she applied in her corporate life.

Having studied accountancy at degree level and gaining a master's degree in Management Science at Imperial College, University of London, she worked as an investment manager for major banks in the City of London before starting a financial consultancy. Running a small business herself means Amanda relates to the diverse problems faced by small- and medium-sized businesses.

Bringing up two girls alone, she understands what it takes to juggle family life with a career, aiming to discover what it takes to create that all-important work–life balance.

"I would advise all business owners to be passionate about whatever you do, to have a go and not let the fear of failure paralyse you into inaction. Take calculated risks, make a few mistakes, learn from them and be adaptable. The sum of all experiences, good and bad, makes us who we are."

You can contact Amanda via the website or on Twitter
Additional courses on productivity, time management and growing a business can be found on the Homepreneur Courses website,

Amanda runs the Business Focus Academy, an online training programme helping business owners with business planning and growth.
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