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About the author

Matthew Claybrook dreamt about writing until his family crushed his dreams when he was seven by saying writers are a dime a dozen. Just kidding, fam. He’s over it. You were right.
Unfortunately, he later got lost on the way to college, then tried to become a rock star, like all self-respecting ex-military do. Then, he tried to start his own business as if that was even going to go well. It didn’t. He then actually found his way to college.
It was awful. He struggled all the way through his B. S. in Theology and yes, that’s correctly stated, with only most of his family wondering why, even. After that, he and his wife both decided to have a kid and become teachers at the same time.
And so after this long line of excellent decisions, Matthew decided to complete his run with becoming a writer, and he has never regretted it more than three times a day, on average. Currently, he is somewhere in fact suggesting coconuts migrate, and likely wearing white socks with black shoes just to keep people unsure about him. He hopes to one day to achieve the greatest status of all writers; to become one of those writers everyone praises but does not read.
If one were crazy, one might follow Matthew at and one might get suckered into more of his books. But don’t worry if you don’t really want to, he’s writing this jacked up on coffee, and his mother in law doesn’t read them, either. I mean, like, he doesn’t even know you. He’ll be fine.