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About the author

I was born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut where I currently reside. I am a mother of two teenagers, who I love dearly and work hard for each day. I am the author of the Remy & Cam Series, which is currently available on Amazon now, it's available on Kindle and Paperback as well as other titles I published through Royalty Publishing House. In total, I have ten titles available on Amazon and I am currently working on more titles in which I hope to be release later this year.
I started writing poetry at the young age of thirteen, which at first it was a source to suppress the feelings of being depressed and angry at a time where I lost my best-friend. By the age of fifteen, writing had become a hobby, not only that; writing had become my first love. I continued to write poetry until I was about seventeen and then I started writing songs as I became interested in singing. Fast-forward; at eighteen and nineteen I had started writing songs and dabbing my ink in writing short stories and screenplays for my own personal enjoyment. By twenty-four I was self-publishing my own poetry books. From that point, I became more serious about writing and wanted to be a full time author. Who would've thought I would've gotten the chance to do so... I am now apart of an incredible team of beautiful Queens/pen-sisters at Royalty Publishing House working with a great publisher to get my work out to some amazing readers. I write in the Urban-Romance/Woman's Fiction genre; I write about situation that some readers can relate to, some one but will I promise you will enjoy. I love reading the reader's reviews to know what you like and what you disliked. I write for the readers and I always say, expect the unexpected when reading one of my books. Their filled with love, drama, lust, hate, and so much more. If you haven't read one of my books yet, I encourage you to go to Amazon and get your copy of one of my books and enjoy. Happy Reading!