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About the author

HI, I’m Susan! I'm a writer of words. Creator. Artist. Natural non-conformist. I’m a wild nature, and ocean lover living in Dana Point, California I’m a wife, mother to three, two boys 29 and 27 then became a surrogate mother to 8 (singleton, twins, twins, singleton, and twins again) as a single mother during the entire decade of my 40’s. After that, I met and married the love of my life (who didn’t have children) and we started a second family. I gave birth to our daughter at 52, and she is 5 yrs old. I love children, they teach us so much about ourselves.

I’ve written a three-book memoir series. I’ve published two, The Unexpected Mother and When Hope Becomes Life with my own publishing company, now writing the third. Currently, I’m outlining a series of women’s fiction books titled, The Girl Who Dared to Dream Big.

Words have been my go-to all the way back to 3rd grade. I started to write poetry, short stories, plays and letting my feelings fly early in life. I found my place and understanding in the world through words. When I was 8, a teacher told me I wasn't good enough to be a writer, so I stopped writing. The truth is after a lot of trauma in my young life, it took me a lot of years to come back to myself, and reignite my passions. Writing is the gift that keeps on giving and has given me so much in way of understanding about myself. I've hidden it, and myself for a long time.
When I gave birth to my daughter at 52, a mistake made by the doctor drastically changed the way I viewed the world. Experiencing death and coming back opened me up in ways I never knew were possible. Going through the dark shadows of my life eventually brought me to see the light. It’s when I started to find real joy and love in my life. It’s a continual journey and led me back to my little girl passion, writing.
I’m a lover of learning and will hang out and learn from others that know things I don’t know, or things I want to know, or I Google forever if I need to know something.

I love the ocean, and if I knew how to grow a mermaid tail I would do it in a heartbeat. My family and I love it outside, anything to do with nature, or just being outside come rain or shine. My daughter and I collect things like rocks, feathers, and neat unique items to bring the beauty of the outside - in.