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About the author

Viola Ryder is a recovering church mouse with a penchant for indulging her smutty side through writing. She invites you to join her on the sexy mission of self-discovery and oh-so-many kinks! She enjoys genre-hopping around erotica and steamy romance but kinky nonsense holds a special place in her heart.

She is currently employed in a vanilla field that requires her to master such exciting things as: spreadsheets, never-ending voicemail and the occasional ever-so-thrilling database update. While she is at work, she spends a lot of time thinking up scenarios that make her characters turned on and her readers blush. Bisexual and non-monogamous, she is always looking to expand representation in media through her stories. She works hard to create scenes and stories that show enthusiastic consent and delightful debauchery in as many different groupings as she can come up with!

She frequently writes for Erotica Collective themes and with one of her close friends, CJ Cartwright. She looks forward to more collaborations in the future!