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About the author

So, let's get the boring stuff out of the way! I live in a small town in Leicestershire, UK. I am a single parent to two children. I enjoy reading and writing (obviously) but also crafting, cross stitch and learning new things.
Ok, onto why I decided to write. Well, I have been writing on and off since I was a teenager, but I'm telling you now, none of those books will ever be published, ha ha! More recently, in July 2018 I had a scene in my head that would not leave me alone. It kept prodding at me until I wrote it down. Then I put it away and forgot about it. I began beta reading for a (now) friend, and that scene kept coming back to me.
So, I brought it out again and began to flesh out around it. I never believed it would morph into a full-length novel. In my wildest dreams, I would have been happy with a short story. But the characters had other ideas - and so First Kiss was born. Published on 11th July 2019, First Kiss was a surprise for everyone, especially me.
I've have met an amazing bunch of people within the author and reader community, and they helped bolster me when I needed it., gave advice when I floundered and friendship when I needed an ear.
And, I haven't looked back. I have created a short story, have another newsletter only story beginning October 2019 and I have signed up to write for a couple of anthology series which are being released next year. My own series is growing in strength and has diverted into three series now: Crush, Crush: Dark & Divergent and Crush: Universe.