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About the author

Growing up in and around the inner-city Edinburgh areas where Pure Angst is set has lent firsthand experience and authenticity to both the story and its characters. The son of a local reverend, I was creative from a young age, with a keen interest in art and writing. Whilst growing up I became involved in both inner city gangs, and the city centre techno/clubbing scene, developing experiences that have formed the basis of my writing.
12 years ago I plucked up the courage to hand a copy of a short story I had written to Irvine Welsh upon seeing him in the Queens Arms pub on Frederick street. After sending me an email 2 weeks later saying he really enjoyed it, this spurred me on to no end, and rekindled my passion for writing, prompting me to write a crime fiction novel.
What began as a novel has now developed into a three-part book series, with book 1 Pure Angst now live on Amazon following a successful February launch.