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About the author

Hello there and welcome to my world. If you are reading this, you probably came across the description somewhere and thought “meh, nothing else to read” and purchased my book. Little did you know the true story behind this…well…um story.

It begins with two best friends who grew up together, shaping each other’s personalities into the ass holes they are today. Well, at least one of them, but I’ll get to that momentarily. These two boys, lets call them Hunter and John, were all but inseparable. John excelled at music and being the funniest ass hole for miles around while Hunter dabbled, poorly I might add, in his humble writings. John respected Hunter’s writings as much as I, I mean Hunter, respected John’s musical prowess.

One fine day, after reading one of Hunter’s horrifically detailed short stories about a serial killer, John asked him to write a story about him.

“Hell yeah dude! What do you want to be?” Hunter asked with brimming honor.

“A vampire,” John responded with a gleam in his eye. “But not one of those sparkly ones. A true bad ass!”

“Done!” Hunter said with a smile and an accompanying high five.

“No dude, promise. Promise you’ll write and finish a book about me. You are the most prolific writer of our generation and I would be proud to live on for eternity with your words as my life’s blood,” He said, or something like that. I might be paraphrasing a little bit but you get the gist of it.

Hunter agreed, never to realize the weight of that promise until one Sunday morning, his mother called crying. John had died, leaving Hunter without his best friend and doppelgänger. Hunter still thinks about that moment to this day. How the morning light crept through the bedroom window while Hunter stared at the ceiling, noticing how the popcorn created jagged shadows. Then everything started to blur as his chest was crushed beneath what he was hearing, each word stacking heavily upon the other until not even sound could escape his throat. Only tears existed and the horrific realization that Hunter had to make some of the hardest phone calls of his life to the circle of friends of which John was the center of.

John not only left Hunter, but Valenta as well. There was also Nathanial and Depweg who were stricken with the loss of such a beloved character, and when all three found out that Hunter was keeping his promise to John and writing a book about him, they each wanted to be apart of that journey. Hunter asked them all what part they would like to play in this urban fantasy eulogy and each immediately knew what they wanted to be.
So please, as you read the following pages, feel free to laugh. Laugh at the situations John is placed in and his dickish dialogue to those around him, because John is 100% in this story without alteration (albeit he is a vampire). Laugh and let his memory live on inside the theater of your mind.

Thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my beating heart, for giving John the chance to live again.