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About the author

Vee Selmair is an author of multicultural romance novels. She spent her twenties traveling the world and being somewhat more exciting than she is today. She has worked in a domestic violence shelter, a non-creedal church, a financial services firm, and with people who suffer from severe mental illnesses. She is currently hermiting away in the middle of a cornfield where she tends to her blossoming garden of sparkling grays—hairs, that is.

Vee is fascinated by the cultures spanning across the Middle East, South Asia, and North Africa, where her great-grandfather emigrated from. She studied the Arabic language and Middle Eastern and African cultures in college to help round out her understanding of the region.

When Vee isn’t writing about budding romances between dreamy Arab sheikhs and the women who love them, she puts her pen to good use writing web content. Vee writes articles on wide-ranging topics such as the joys of dark beers, getting tested for schizophrenia, how to invest in penny stocks, and how to interpret honeybee dances (We promise—that’s a real thing).