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About the author

I went off to college in the mid-80s. Born and raised in Beverly Hills, I'd always been aware of the fact that I lived a pretty charmed life.

My father was a Hollywood executive, my mother a socialite (for lack of a better word), and they were the most accepting parents a kid like I could ask for. When I still went by the name "Jack" and told them that I wanted to transition into a woman, neither of them batted an eyelid. They would finally get the daughter they always had!

But the charmed life had its price too. Even though I consider myself a pretty tough cookie, I was not always prepared for everything the big bad world was going to throw at me. Good thing I've got a stiff upper lip. Among other things.

I am writing a series based on my journey through life. Get ready to follow me through the '80s, '90s and into the 21st Century.