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About the author

Lela Fox is an alcoholic and established author in the recovery community. The series "The Life & Times of a Curious Drunk" is seven full-size novels that follow her life from the first drink at age 13, through 27 semi-functional years and bizarre circumstances, then 18 years of fragile sobriety. The last two years of Lela's sobriety become the seventh book, "Gratitude," when all the pieces came together.
Her career includes 25 combined years as an advertising copywriter, five years as a business owner, and 12 as a custom picture framer. At age 55, she retired and began writing the story of her rollercoaster life.
Inspired by a view of the Great Smoky Mountains, Lela lives with her crazy canine child, Stormin' Norman the Schnauzer. Her sobriety date is June 30, 1999.