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About the author

Kim is a writer who has a love for history, learning, and young people. She lives with her husband and three children in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kim Vermaak’s writing career began on a winter night. It was a time where her country faced an energy crisis. The dark frightened her daughter. Kim would make up stories to calm her. It was a time of sharing. Stories of relationship trials and triumphs. A time of bonding.

Kim’s love of rescues and victories came from her mother and father, who adopted her into a family free of the neglect and cruelty of her original birth parents. Her fear of losing her new life often brought doubts. Like the heroes in her pages, the journey was fraught with challenges that at the time she felt powerless to overcome.

Books became her escape. The champions gave her hope.

She believes that faith, love and hope are the arrows in our quiver. It is what propels us to greatness.
Even in the darkest of circumstances, a victory will arise. Kim’s books show that sometimes the hero is you.

The actions you take in the face of fear are the seeds that produce courage in others.
For readers, these books reveal that victory is within your reach.

For parents, expose your children to your real challenges, victories, and glory. Share your wisdom through your words. Bring out the hero inside them.

In a darkened world be the light.

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