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About the author

Melissa Michelle Green is an author who loves to pull the reader into her stories. “I want to entertain, just like I want to BE entertained.”
“I’ve always loved books in the romance and action/adventure category, but up until recently it was always a man that saved the day, wasn’t it? I’m all for a good shoot-em-up, blow-em-up, take your shirt off and show your muscles plot, don’t get me wrong – but give me more strong women! I don’t want my heroine running UP the stairs…unless that’s where she keeps her guns. Women don’t swoon anymore, do they? I want my romances sexy and heady and so good you tell your kids to eat pop-tarts for dinner. But I don’t want the ball to always be in the man’s court. If that were all the fun to be had the world’s population would be a lot smaller!”
Melissa is a voracious reader, and she finally took all of her notes and plot ideas and did something with them. Melissa is writing what she loves to read. Strong, smart women who can be funny, mean, and snarky. And loving, and kind, and generous. Who can save the world.
“I truly believe that woman is somewhere inside every woman. I was actually pretty shy growing up. Somewhere along the way I just decided that wasn’t who I wanted to be anymore. I wanted to live the lives of the heroines in my favorite novels. So now I am. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever done, and it’s exhilarating.”
Melissa reads whenever she gets the chance, and loves to travel, garden, cook and sit around drinking wine with her friends and family.
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