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About the author

I'm an older woman struggling toward retirement. When I'm not acting (and believe me, it's acting) like a responsible adult, I can be found exploring a variety of places. Most days you can find me exploring far away galaxies, with strange men, some that just don’t look quite human. If I am trapped on Earth, you can bet it is in the middle of its downfall. When I’m not found inside the worlds created by some of the greatest authors, then I have made my escape into the intriguing worlds which require skills taught to me by my kids, which usually, but not always include a keyboard and mouse. Accompanied by the admonishment of “Do not come in this cave! Wait here!” (I don’t know why they thought that was fun for me.)
There is just too much reality in the world for me to spend too much time here. I hope you enjoy your own travels, perhaps you would one day find yourself walking through the dirt roads of Vajabu’Maktar.