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About the author

I'm an older woman struggling toward retirement. When I'm not acting (and believe me, it's acting) like a responsible adult, I can be found exploring a variety of places. Most recently I have strolled through the halls of The People's Palace, frolicked in the waterfall in Dargon, and my ultimate favorite is when I was greeted by the NSO as I walked through the gates of Homeland. If I can't be found wandering the pages of these amazing places, you can certainly find me fishing on the Southfury River, or hunting King Bangalash. However, these days I can generally be found kicking it at my house in Malas, tending my plants. I have yet to produce one single green thorn or orange petal, but I will continue my efforts.
There is just too much realty in the world for me to spend too much time there. I hope you enjoy your own travels, perhaps you would one day find yourself walking through the dirt roads of Mar’Oshu’Thanagor