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About the author

I grew up in a small town in New England. My father was a commercial fisherman for most of his life and I have two older brothers who followed in his footsteps.

My mom was a housewife and loved every minute of it. Looking back now, it seems that every year she spent taking care of the three of us and my dad, made her happier. She loved cooking, she loved cleaning and sitting up all night when one of us were sick never seemed to phase her. She is a remarkable woman and in a small town, that didn't go unnoticed. I can remember my friends coming home with me after school and before I could put my books away and change my shoes, they would be in the kitchen drinking milk and eating banana bread with my mom. She always made them laugh and I think they could have sat there for hours and hours listening to her. It made me proud, but I remember thinking 'Mom! Can I have my friends back now?'

After I had written a few books, people began to ask my mom how did a girl who grew up in a family of fishermen end up writing Regency Romance? She would laugh and blame her brother. She had allowed me to go to England with my uncle and my cousin on vacation when I was thirteen, and it changed my view of the world forever. The Royal family and the history in that family was fascinating to me. Every past King and Queen had a story that could have only come out of a story book. The day we visited Buckingham Palace and went on the tour I was overwhelmed with the splendor of the rooms. The winding staircases, the tall ceilings and tall windows draped with satin curtains and gold beads. It wasn't long before I knew I was in love with the grandeur of royal life. The more I learned about the family, the country, and its history, the more I felt the stories inside of me wanting to come out.

It wasn't long before I had more stories in my head than I could put on paper.

I do hope you enjoy my books as much as I have enjoyed writing them!