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About the author

Raquel Belle was born in a quiet town somewhere in the Midwest, to a mom who’s still a homemaker and a dad who’s still a small business owner. She’s a middle child! (Oh no!) They had a picket fence, a Labrador, a Retriever and a Poodle. The dogs were named after Italian gangsters from the movies. She loved writing short stories and her first boyfriend was in the Chess club.


When the sheer normality of it all threatened to drive her insane, Raquel found an outlet in music…noisy music! (Hot, sexy, noisy music!) She still keeps her Jacksons and Fenders at her parents’ house, along with her Mesa Boogie half-stack (She drives the family crazy when she visits for Christmas). When she was of age she hastily ran off to the Big Apple. After graduating from NYU (where she kissed a girl for the first time) she took the time to do some continent hopping and visited most of South America, Africa and Europe. She loves Peri-Peri chicken—preferably Portuguese. (Seriously, it’s amazing!)

With her love for flame-grilled birds solidified, Raquel returned to the US and found herself at an advertising job in Chicago, which she stayed at for a ghastly seven years! After experiencing what it must be like to be a house-cat who just wants to hunt, she quit!

One night after having sold her first romance novel (YAY!), Raquel saw an old episode of “Kung-Fu” on late night television and decided to hit the road…and she’s been on the road ever since.

Raquel travels light. She’s got her SUV, a suitcase full of clothes (and one full of shoes) and her Macbook Pro. She travels from town to town, from city to city…and when she sees something she likes (sometimes it’s a boy, sometimes it’s a story) she’ll stop and stay for while. Raquel likes to think she’s a chameleon, so she tries not to write stories in her own voice, she writes them the way the person in the story would write them. That’s because Raquel doesn’t write her own stories, she writes other peoples stories!

Raquel is a romantic, she’s been writing for a couple of years now and one day she’ll get a house just like the one she grew up in and settle down when she finds Mr. Right. Till then, she’ll keep writing and settle for Mr. Right Now!