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About the author

Patricia Lynn was born and raised on Long Island, New York where she maintains a home to be near her ever-growing family. In addition, she can often be found chasing the sun in North Carolina or Florida, as well as traveling the world living her dream life!

Early in her adult life, Patricia suffered some major setbacks. She knew that the "good life" would not be in her cards if she didn't make some significant changes. Determined to choose her own fate, she pushed through the seemingly impossible climb from a waitressing single mother to a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, and writer.

As a result, she is a strong believer that anything is possible. Her past experiences prove the theory that when you really want something, the Universe does conspire to assist you. She speaks of utilizing Universal Energy, Spirit and your own intuition to assist in creating your future. The only limits in life are self-induced.

She writes to inspire and motivate her readers in their own personal growth, helping them to create the best version of themselves. Her stories are presented with honesty, humility, and humor.

In addition to writing, she currently owns a travel agency, as well as a property management company and loves to travel. You can find her just about anywhere: working, reading, writing, adventure seeking, and spreading some positive energy!

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Advice: Never stop believing in yourself and your abilities. Every day is a new opportunity to create the life you dream of!