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About the author

When Morgan Rylie first started writing, she was terrified to share her thoughts with the world. Writing was the one thing she did for herself, and she couldn't bare to be judged on it.

That all changed when her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it was her dying wish to see Morgan's name in print.

The first story she put down on paper was Chad's story in Summer Love Autumn Goodbye. Writing about the suicide of a close friend wasn't easy, but it needed to be done. She needed people to understand how much suicide affects those that are left behind.

After Chad's story, Morgan introduced herself to Aurora in the Self Inflicted Saga. What started off as a stand alone novel soon became a trilogy as Aurora battled her way through self mutilation and an abusive relationship.

While most of her stories contain some sort of social issue, Morgan realized that she can actually help people through her writing. The #YouAreNotAlone series was born. Including both Summer Love and Self Inflicted, Morgan started to embark in the journey to the LGBTQ+ world after her teenage child came out as transgender. There were not nearly enough novels relating to a transgender child while her son was going through his changes.