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About the author

Clay Weston loves a hero with morals, integrity, and a sense of justice. He also loves God, so he hopes his the character he created "Mack Austin" finds him too (He's tugging on his heart all the's gonna happen). So when Clay writes his westerns, his hero isn't afraid to do what he needs to do to set things right. Mack Austin only trusts a few things in life, and his fellow man deep out in the frontier isn't high on the the list. Clay loves to write classic shoot-em-up westerns with Mack Austin, his cardsharp, six-shooter hero. Clay knows violence is to be avoided at all costs, but when the heat comes... let's just say Mack will do what his code of honor directs him to do: defend those who can't defend themselves. And when he does, he's all in.

Clay lives in Minnesota and is a part-time professional magician as well as writer. He is married to the woman of his dreams with two beautiful kids.