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About the author

My favorite thing? Getting lost in a book. I love reading romance novels and ignoring everything else that needs to be done. Can you relate? Who cares about the dirty dishes piling up in the sink? Why bother with the endless laundry? The hero is going to profess his undying love for the heroine in the next chapter, and I can't stop now!
That's how I've always been.
So about 12 years ago, my husband challenged me to write "one of those books." I laughed at him. And ignored him.
He kept up his insistence that I try. And I kept reading.
And then, one day I decided to go for it, and I've been writing ever since. My first book was published in January of 2016.
When I'm not writing or reading, I'm hanging out with my hubby of 30 years or our four kids. Two are out of the house and married. Two are still in college. I love cooking for the family and binge watching Netflix!