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About the author

Okay, so I am a walking cliche: I have loved books since I was a very little girl and wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Although I have written various things on and off all my life, it is only now that my kids are grown up and are parents themselves (yes, I am Granny), that I have been able to put all my energy and focus into writing full-time.

I live in Western Australia and have traveled a bit. My dream is to go somewhere lovely and live there for a few weeks while I write a book. . . maybe next year. . .

I am an unashamed romantic, and love writing about the magic of people falling in love: that powerful moment when eyes meet and linger a fraction too long, hands touch and stomachs churn, lips part and tongues moisten, and hearts reach out to the other

I love love and I love being alive. I love animals, flowers, trees, rainbows, clouds, rain, sunrise, sunset, meadows, beaches. I read copiously, fiction (classics, contemporary, romance, historic, magic) and non-fiction (biographies, quantum physics, mythology, science).