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About the author

I am an author in the Supernatural Thriller genre. Believe it or not, I am a full-time artist who likes to write when I’m not slinging paint or teaching art. Originally, I started out as a book designer for a small publishing company and then decided to write a novel, published in 2015. I took a short break from writing, but after putting together a few short stories, I became determined to publish full-time.

Most of my ideas come from growing up in a cult and...well...everyday life. My short stories are mainly supernatural thrillers with a mix of reality and romance from time to time. If you like twist endings or trying to figure out where a story is headed, you’ll love the short stories I’ve put together.

I’m a travel junkie who loves to explore the mountains, and if several million of you buy my books, I guarantee I’ll be able to explore more. Ultimately, my goal is to have the short stories turned into a Netflix series or show up on the big screen.

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