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About the author

Louis Emery has had quite the adventure in the writing world. He's worked with industry-leading editors of major publishing houses and been published under another name in five online magazines, including Foliate Oak, Aphelion, Blood Moon Rising, Points in Case, and Defenestration. He is the author of a nine-story anthology, a flash fiction collection, and the epic fantasy novel Cinders on the Wind.

Before all this, he grew up in Southern California gallivanting through Hollywood, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. From an early age he had a steady diet of imagination, appearing in numerous commercials and TV shows, only to grow up into a gigging musician. His love for daydreaming triumphed over the silver screen and rock n' roll. Now he imagines new worlds and writes every day and loves every second. His work can be purchased on If you enjoy his books, he wishes you leave a review.