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About the author

Hi I’m James Atkinson (Jim to my readers and friends). I have been writing , blogging and self-publishing fitness, lifestyle and exercise books since around 2014 and my work and direction has evolved a lot since then.

I have been into fitness for well over twenty years and have experienced much! I love to share my knowledge and experiences with people who are looking to improve their lifestyle through health and fitness, seeing people succeed in this game is immensely satisfying to me as I know what it takes not only to achieve a fitness or weight loss goal but I know what this means for that persons character; They will be forever stronger, especially when it comes to the mental side of fitness.

Although I have been a long distance runner and competitive bodybuilder myself, it is the beginner to fitness that my passion is now for. My approach to fitness and weight loss is that the foundations need to be solid as a priority of any fitness goal and unfortunately, this is widely overlooked
One of these foundation blocks for success is the planning aspect of the fitness goal and another is the mental or psychological part. It is the attention to these pieces that decide whether the fitness goal is going to be reached or not.

I want everyone to hit their fitness goals so all of my books and guides are designed to give real, no gimmick information, training programs that work, mental robustness focus, real life accounts of my fitness fortunes and miss fortunes and above all, a passion for the game. If I can help any more with your fitness goals, I will always do my best to.

I hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to sharing my work with you.