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About the author

In the vast lands of Scandinavia is a brilliant land called Finland and that's where Sophie Kernstock was accidentally created to this world to share stories of magic. Through hardship and adventures lived in multitude of hypersomnia naps, she found her voice and meaning in writing books. She dremt of stories that revolve around friendships true and strong, magic so diverse it grows in every corner like weeds, and adventures that thrill you.

She aims to bring you characters that you feel could be real: Those regular folk and everyday heroe's you know are out there. In her stories you'll find the flawed, the forgotten, the discarded.

Beyond stories she also loves her four cats, her endlessly supportive partner, and food she doesn't need to cook herself. Kernstock is also working on falling in love with running again but that is in the process when she isn't writing all the types of Fantasy she has loved since age 5.