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About the author

From the land of thusand lakes, and the Real Santa's village at the beginning of the Arctic Circle, comes a Bellabone forged in Finnish "sisu" (also gnown as perseverance or "grit") She creates stories of unknown horrors with dashes of comedy and enjoys screams as much as laughter.

To be best buddies with Bellabone you only need to conjure a few things: good sense of humor, feel for gribbing Horror, and a cat of any shape or size.

As a catowner of four furr nuggers, hypersomnia, and a devoted partner of sarcasm incarnated, Bellabone writes stories that will take you to their mangled arms and carry you to an adventure only she could dream on her many naps her tortured corpse forces her to take. But being undead wln't stop her form bringing you the terrors to come...