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About the author

2018 was the year I finally took the plunge and did what so many of us say. "I want to write a book one day". I said it for year after year, often telling myself that it will happen one day. I turned 47 in 2018 and realized that "one day" would never come. Not unless I did something about it.

Closing the year with 3 published books and another released on January 2nd, 2019, was a dream come true. Not only have I accomplished the one book I always wanted to write, but I am now on the way to completing my first trilogy.

To anyone that's thinking about it, I say this. One day will never happen until you MAKE it happen. Start with a word, then a sentence and turn them into a paragraph. Fill the page and then another. Continue for as long as it takes. Whether it's a week a month or even a year or two. Stick with it and you too, will make it a reality.

When I'm not writing, I love looking for the next thrill ride or roller coaster and also spending time with my family. I have a passion for photography as well. But whatever I'm doing, I still hear the voices in my head, the voices that are wanting to come out. I have to go now, the voices are loud right now, wanting me to fill another page...