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About the author

Pippa Pennington has taught children all her life.
As a child, she ran an after-school club for her friends, progressing as an adult to a teaching degree for children age 3-11.
Pippa shares her time between the coast of Kent, England and the countryside of Casarabonela, in the Andalucía region of Spain.
Dogs have always played an important role in Pippa's life and to date she has owned, adopted and cared for around thirty-five furry friends.
The 'Sniffer' books were inspired by a story she made up for her young son, Joe. Pippa never reached the end of the story as he loved the bits when Sniffer said 'Phew! What is that?' She had to repeat the phrase over and over using different items Sniffer found to smell while out on a walk. After that, Joe only ever wanted to hear about Sniffer and his escapades. Twenty-three years' later, Pippa can still hear Joe giggling.
Pippa has written the Sniffer series for children who are ready to begin reading for themselves with some parent participation.