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About the author

TJ has been a lifelong and voracious reader, right from the first grade. Fantastic worlds existed between the pages in books and that was where she lived. She read the Hobbit when she was about nine, and was on the hunt for them-- sure that, just like Tolkien said-- they were there, but good at hiding.

Over the years, she discovered more worlds, and authors-- from the literary classics of Shakespeare, Chaucer and Goethe, to the sci-fi and fantasy icons: Clarke, Asimov, Heinlein, as well as the ones that became her idols and influences, Dan Simmons, CJ Cherryh, Janny Wurts, Kate Elliot, Stephen Baxter and David Brin.

Her adult life brought many adventures, as a gamer and role-player who was a bad-ass with a sword (okay, they were practice and no blood was shed:), to making swords and armor in the Renaissance Faire circuit. She has ridden for years, trained dogs and horses (hunting dogs, jumping horses), and milked a few cows! She has been a teacher, tutor and mentor to many kids along the way- a few she is very proud of.

The world of Chanmyr began over thirty years ago, an offshoot of her gaming and role-playing. She had developed so many rich and interesting characters that a whole world of their stories evolved on it's own. Somewhere, in the piles of folders, the original Chanmyr manuscript still exists-- hand-written, no less! But now, thirty years on, Chanmyr has finally matured, like a good wine, and is richer and more vibrant than she could have imagined.