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About the author

Callie Cole is a contemporary romance author who loves to write about strong women with just a bit of spunk. Asked if any of the characters in her books are anything like her, Callie says, “Yup. Every single one of them!”

“I guess there is a little bit of me in every woman I write. Although not entirely identifying with all aspects of each woman, I'm just not sure I can totally separate my perspective from theirs.”

“I've always wanted to write fiction. Pretty much since I was a young teenager making up stories to entertain anyone who would listen.”

“I used to create one-woman shows before they were trendy. Well, one little girl shows.”

“All journeys come with choices and consequences, and my characters' experiences are no different than yours or mine. Every one of us has to make a decision about how we are going to live our lives. Sometimes, the choices aren't there for us, or at least, don't appear to be. Life has a way of changing our course, but it doesn't have to run us off the road.”

“I read somewhere that there's no such thing as no regrets. I never want to give the impression that all you have to do to overcome something, is to pull up your big girl pants and move on, however, I do want to inspire hope for any person, especially women, who feel they can't move forward and that life is over for them because they made the wrong choice. I want every woman reading my stories to feel like there is nothing they cannot accomplish.”

Inspiration with a little spice?

“Absolutely. I want the reader to be in touch with every emotion. To touch your heart is only the beginning…”