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About the author

Margery Santander is an author who writes cozy little stories with endings that aim to make you sigh with contentment, satisfied that all ends well in that particular world. When not lost in the multiple worlds she’s crafting, she tends to her reality, which, imperfect though it may be, is a good one.

She has always been writing. She started with the school paper and then graduated to being a youth correspondent for a national daily. Through the years, she continued to write articles and short stories for newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. Recently, she decided that she was no longer content with just bylines and started working on longer stories to tell.

She and her VW nut husband raise and homeschool their three children in a little house on top of a hill situated at the edge of a river valley on one of the islands of a tropical archipelago. They grow herbs, vegetables, berries, and ancient fruits like figs and pomegranate in a tiny patch of garden space beside their driveway.

She was a Spanish teacher in a past life and a blogger in a more recent one. Blogging has somehow morphed into less fun content writing, something that she hopes to ditch in the near future.

She loves healthy tea, unhealthy sweets, savory chips pretending to be healthy, and all-you-can sushi. Nature thrills and inspires her, but she doesn’t want to live too far from the city. Her style and information are stuck in the ‘90s (Pluto is a real planet!), but, for the sake of her children, she’s trying very hard to care about this millennium.