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About the author

Athena Storm loves romance with a heavy dose of action and adventure. If your heart's already racing, your pulse is already pounding, why not make sure the greatest stakes possible are out there? Telling stories about strong and self-assured women navigating silly and sensual situations keeps her going. She's built a big world and she hopes you'll keep reading to learn more.

Athena grew up in a small town in Texas, where she learned about strong men, just as strong sunshine, and the way it feels to hear the clink of ice in a sweet tea glass when you look up at the heavens. The stars shine so bright out there in the country, is it any wonder that she came up with so many stories about distant planets and the adventures there?

Of course not. She's grateful to her mom and grandma taking her to the library and bookstore every week to find as many stories as possible to read, and then reading hers, too. Her first story was a whopping four pages and was about a kiss. She writes a lot more than kissing now and loves writing sweeping romantic stories with every flavor and style out there. Additionally, adventure is a must.

Every story from Athena has a full, immersive world where anything could happen. You just have to turn the page to see what happens next!

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