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About the author

Erin Fox spends too much time on Instagram. Seriously, Twitter is getting jealous. But like Facebook is just laughing because that's what Erin's fingers are usually up to. She snuggles up next to her husband - no, their marriage isn't fake - and tells him endless stories of what she wants her next book to be. The truth is life doesn't seem to be stranger than fiction, and Erin's writing all the silly stories she can.
And no, she didn't meet her husband on Tinder. But that's probably because her Tinder game was never that strong. Erin Fox sticks to writing about happily ever afters and intersects some silliness from today's crazy media world... because in a former life, Erin's job was social media management for a Fortune 500 company. She may have heard a few crazy things.
She'll never tell.
She'll just write her next book...