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About the author

Tuesday Addams writes gritty paranormal romances; long ones you can really sink your teeth into, and shorter ones that you can devour in an evening.
Favorite place to find inspiration: spooky cemeteries
Favorite paranormal creature: vampire and witch (tie)
Favorite book: Interview with the Vampire
I'm constantly looking for a new vampire book to fall in love with, but I can't find anything that really grabs me and gets under my skin. So I set out to write the books I want to read. I hope a lot of other people want to read them too. These are dark creatures and broken humans beyond redemption. These are people scraping along the bottom for so long they have forgotten what hope is. These are stories that shine a light on the human condition, on the undead condition, which isn’t so very different. These are the lessons from a centuries-old vampire, his hope for us humans from his unique perspective. "...You, who take so for granted your beating heart, your ruddy skin, your passion, your pain. You, who are willing to love, even in the face of certain death, certain heartache. You feel the pain and you do it again. I envy you that."