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About the author

Hi, I'm the author. I live somewhere in the US and, (obviously), I like writing stories!

I have four shared universes that I write in. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, and Paranormal. My stories range from action-adventure to more lighthearted tales of people trying to build lives together. And all of my stories contain explicit sex scenes, just so we're clear.

So what sets me apart from similar authors? I've put some thought into it, and a few things come to mind. Here's what my stories tend to focus on.

Human men having relationships (sometimes romantic, always sexual) with inhuman ladies. Be they monsters, aliens, or other.

More down-to-Earth and realistic characters. There are no useless damsels-in-distress here, and certainly no alpha male jerks.

An emphasis on trust, respect, open communication, and both parties getting what they want out of sexual encounters. (Or I should say all parties, given how many people may be involved!)

I hope you enjoy what I have to write!