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About the author

Hello Everyone! I am K. Sharronne. I am a Christian/Inspirational Author and Poet. I am the founder of True Vine Press. Currently, I have two books published: Cora and I Dreamt of Love- Poetry Collection. Since a child, I loved to write and my passion has continued through my current writings. My favorite form of writing is poetry. I write poetry almost daily.

My latest novel, Cora, falls under the genre of Urban Christian fiction and Women's Christian fiction. I like to tackle issues that show the true transformation power of developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. Some of my stories are not easy to read but I always want to show in the story that God’s love and salvation can change the outcome of your life.

I started True Vine Press to give a voice to authors that wanted to write about God in conventional and non-conventional ways. True Vine Press lives by the motto 'Be Inspired By Words.' The only caveat is that every story that uses scriptures or talks about God has to line up with premises and precepts of the Bible. True Vine Press author roster currently has M.K. Allen, Frank Chatmon, Sandra Mayer, and Starr.