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About the author

Steven Powers Chylinski was born in the American state of Arkansas, the grandson of Polish immigrants and the son of an Army drill sergeant and a southern belle. Moving to the north just in time to start his schooling, he soon realized that he felt out of sorts in his new environment--the excessively-polluted, big city atmosphere of Cleveland, Ohio.
He, his demure mother, and his alcoholic father settled in an ethnic ghetto in Cleveland, an area now alternately called Warszawa (Little Warsaw) and Slavic Village. A painfully shy, dark-skinned child who spoke with a slow southern drawl, he excelled in his school work but was socially backward.

Given the absolute poverty in which he was raised, coupled with a lack of encouragement from his undereducated parents, it may seem surprising that this scrawny child would succeed at much of anything. In fact, he struggled mightily in his undergraduate college studies. His lack of social and educational maturity was evident to all but a few supportive teachers.

Yet, as an older adult, Powers Chylinski returned to school to sate his desire to learn, earning a Masters' degree in Education and a doctorate in Psychology. While he blossomed late in life, his love for learning shone brightly in his chosen career--teaching. He spent almost forty years in the classroom where he taught both psychology and education classes on the college level, and in a Washington, DC elementary school where he taught a variety of subjects.

Retiring in his 60s, the author remembered his first educational love--history. An amateur genealogist, Powers Chylinski was fortunate enough to stumble upon nearly 1000 of his ancient and more modern great-grandparents. But what was he to do with these discoveries in his twilight years? Why, write a book (or two or three) of course!

The author now resides in Hudson, Ohio where he continues to write and to look for exciting projects. As he has told his family on numerous occasions--"I want to leave something of value behind for future generations." He may just have done so.