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About the author

Once upon a time, two best friends not known for their athletic prowess, but legendary for their passion for gaming. Known in their circles as "Geeks",and constantly challenging each other in the latest games.

As they were finding new tricks, tips, and strategies to beat each other, they came up with a brilliant idea. Let's take these hours of gaming expertise, and share these skills with like minded people. At that moment, the Gamer Geeks were born. With the 1st two books making noise right out of the gate, The Ultimate Temple Run Guide (listed in Amazon Hot New Releases in it's 1st week), and The Ultimate Plague Inc. Guide, there's been no looking back.

With more exciting gaming books being developed in the Lab as we speak. The Gamer Geeks are creating a buzz in the gaming publishing world, with a ground swell of followers, anxiously awaiting their new releases. Control pads up and game on!