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About the author

Jordan Oldbury was born in a sleepy town near Birmingham in the United Kingdom. His parents separated before he turned 10 and he spent his childhood living between his parents and grandparents, being naughty, thinking about adventures, and failing school.

He attended Newman University in 208 and developed a passion for writing. He already had a passion for money, so it didn’t take long for him to try combining the two, allowing him to get rich doing what he loved.

He failed. A few publications bought articles, a few businesses paid for his content, but he couldn’t sustain his ambitious lifestyle, so he sold out.

In 2011 Jordan moved to Perth, Australia where he continued to write, but also worked in Human Resources. He did this successfully for a number of years and looks back on those years fondly, remembering the steak dinners, the beers and holidays and robot vacuum cleaners. Ah, the good life.

Now, after years of working for the man, Jordan recently published his first full-length novel, The Universal Guide to Human Racing. Inspired by Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, and money, he wrote The Universal Guide to Human Racing as a way to observe and comment on modern society and the ever-changing nature of politics and religion.

The Universal Guide to Human Racing follows PR Manager Tim Bloom, who runs an election campaign for God, with the fate of the world at stake. It’s a humorous fantasy story that observes and critiques, with love, politics, religion, and humanity.

Jordan loves hearing from his fans, but as they’re in limited supply he’s happy to hear from anyone – drop him an email – [email protected]